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The McKinley Anchorage and Moorage Association ("MAMA") is a nonprofit Wisconsin corporation  which began as an informal association in 2001 for the purpose of  preserving and managing the existing anchorage and mooring area in the McKinley Marina basin area of the Milwaukee Harbor.

MAMA was formed in direct response to the County’s attempts to extract a $300.00 fee from those owning moorings in the McKinley Anchorage.  We currently represent most of the mooring owners in the McKinley Marina basin. We are the only entity that maintains a registry of current moorings. We successfully filed a legal challenge which defeated  the County's attempt to impose a $300 yearly tax. Since that time, we have successfully defeated efforts by the Wisconsin DNR to issue citations and impose fines upon every mooring owner for using a winter log during the off season. We have also successfully negotiated an arrangement with the local Coast Guard station that allows us to continue to use winter logs, but which requires their removal in the spring. So far, we have successfully shown public officials that we can regulate ourselves.

If you are a mooring owner or are interested in purchasing a mooring, we encourage you to join MAMA. Please feel free to download the membership application form and peruse this web site for additional information about MAMA and the moorings in the McKinley Marina basin.




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